The Wide Application of Cast Iron Bars in the Automobile Industry

cast iron barCast iron bars are produced by a large number of manufacturers all over the world because of its wide demand in the automobile industry. The rise in the demand contributes a lot to the fact that cast iron bars boost the engine performance to a great extent. Cast iron is actually an alloy of iron and is derived from pig iron or grey iron. Raid cooling is required while manufacturing these bars so that a homogenous structure can be ensured.

Again, its availability in various dimensions and shapes has helped cast iron bars to meet the specific needs of the market. A variety of sectors apart from the automobile industry also use cast iron bars. Some of the sectors are glass industry, oil and gas industry, etc. Pistons and gears of a vehicle normally have cast iron bars.

There is no dearth of cast iron bar manufacturers in India. Jai Auto Industries located in Gujarat, India is one of the chief manufacturers of cast iron bars owning to its excellent infrastructure and technological brilliance. The company has a wide clientele in the overseas market and in domestic market. Its expert workforce and its emphasis on quality ensure that the cast iron bars are all manufactured according to the international standards.

The reason behind wide application of cast iron bars

For the automobile industry emphasis is always on manufacturing quality products at lower manufacturing cost. Hence, the components must be made of a material that can resist maximum wear and tear for the longest time. Cast iron fit’s in this bill completely. Cast iron bars have emerged as a bright alternative to steel as it possess many good qualities that are required for an auto part in the automobile industry.

  • Brittle and low ductility
  • Low melting point
  • High fluidity
  • More carbon content
  • Perfect finishing
  • Reduced scrap
  • High machine ability

Cast iron bars are also lighter than steel by 10 percent and this makes these as perfect material for gears and other auto-parts. All these make these as an excellent material for automobile industry. These cast iron bars are manufactured normally by a casting process in which molten iron ore is passed through water cooled die. The bars are then cut in desired shapes like square, flat, etc. Thus, because of its various qualities and continual manufacturing process, these iron cast bars are used widely by the automobile industry.


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