Cylinder Sleeves – Manufacturing Process and Application

Cylinders sleeves are none other what we know as liners. These cylinder sleeves pose many advantages and are used in auto industry by large. These are mostly replaceable and come as a separate item that can be used in an engine block. Some of the popular engines with these are Ferguson, Kubota, etc. These cylinder sleeves are again of two types i.e. dry and wet.

While the dry cylinder sleeves acts as protectors of the engine piston, the wet one are thicker and function with close of engine coolant. Among the Indian manufacturers of cylinder sleeves, Jai Auto Industries is a reputed company that also doubles up as leading exporters of both wet and dry cylinder sleeves. Adhering to strictest quality control measures has made helped this company to carve a niche itself in this extremely competitive market of cylinder sleeves manufacturing.

How these are manufactured?

These cylinder sleeves are manufactured out of cast iron by a centrifugal method of casting. If the cylinder to be manufactured is supposed to be of a large size, then sand casting is done or else it is centrifugal casting. Cast iron is the preferred raw material for these sleeves as it has graphite in its microstructure and this aid in lubrication.

Along with cast iron, sometimes alloys are also added to manufacture a robust, anti-corrosive cylinder sleeve. The inner surface is chrome plated so that it can have a smooth appearance. However, this provides a hindrance for lubrication. So, now the manufacturer of cylinder sleeves rather uses porous chrome plating to facilitate lubrication.

Application of cylinder sleeves

These are widely used in automobile industry. Marine and diesel compressor engines use these sleeves for smooth operation and long engine life. Normally, cylinders sleeve of a marine engine are large enough to accommodate two individuals within it. Both heavy duty vehicles like tractor and commercial vehicles like cars use cylinder sleeves. Defense vehicles like battle tanks also use these cylinder sleeves. Dimensional accuracy is very much needed according to the vehicle type that needs its application.

Gujarat based, Jai Auto Industries manufacture these sleeves for a wide range of applications i.e both light, medium and heavy duty to cater to the diverse demands of its vast clientele that is present all over India, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Zambia and many more. Indeed, these cylinder sleeves are valuable for our engines and as a whole for the automobile industry.

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