Why Nitriding Process Is Best For Engine Cylinder Liners?

The automotive world is blessed with engine cylinder liners. These are integrated parts belong to engine block. These liners are exposed to extreme temperatures during engine operation within the internal combustion engine. When piston rotates in opposite direction, it contacts with the inner surface of the cylinder liner. This is why hardness and wear resistance of cylinder liners are top properties that can be enhanced by nitriding.

Engine cylinder liners
What is nitriding? Why and how it used for enhancing hardness and wear resistance properties of cylinder liner?

Nitriding is a process that includes addition of the ferrous metal with nitrogen to enhance wear resistance of the components. This thermochemical process is based on the solubility of nitrogen in iron. This process is among top techniques used by experts for hardening the surface of aircraft, textile machinery, bearings, and automotive components like valves, piston rods, etc.

Why they use nitriding technique?

Nitriding doesn’t need a phase change; steel remains in the same phase in entire process. But when we talk about traditional process, there is a phase change from ferrite to austentite and to martensite. But with nitriding process, things are different and there is no need of quenching. The process helps in boosting fatigue life, offering anti-galling properties and high surface hardness. It is performed at low temperatures and it is among const effective processes used for hardening the surfaces.

There are service centers using nitriding techniques to enhance wear resistance in engine cylinder liners. You can anytime approach them and ask them to do the same with your cylinder liners. Jai liners is a leading manufacturer offering best quality cylinder liners and sleeves and other critical components at affordable rates. You can send requests or make query for your requirement and get a quote from professionals soon.

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