What Are The Uses With Cast Iron Products?

Cast iron is among the oldest metals used by builders and outdoor ornament manufacturers. The metal is formed by mixing carbon and silicon to iron and it also has some traces of manganese, sulphur, and phosphorous. It is used for making cast iron bars, cast iron pans, cast iron auto parts, and more. CI products are hard, brittle and they cannot bend, stretch, or hammered. Their structure is crystalline and it can be fractured if excessive tensile loading is applied. However, cast iron matel is excellent in compression.

cast iron bars

Manufacturers are making cast iron by following traditional methods even today. They heat the iron ore in a blast furnace with limestone and coke. This process deoxidizes the ore and removes impurities and form molten iron. This molten iron is poured inside the molds of different shapes and allowed to cool and crystallize.

Once the casting is achieved, they coat it with waxes, paints, plating and galvanizing. The issue with cast iron is rusting and corrosion. Cat iron is prone to rusting and can degrade in lesser time if exposed to moisture.

There is a list of cast iron uses-

Cast iron is applied in distinct variety of structural and decorative applications, since it is inexpensive, easy to cast, and durable. Some uses are-

  • Plaques and historic markers
  • Hardware manufacturing – latches, hinges, etc.
  • Stairs
  • Decorative features
  • Structural connectors in buildings and monuments
  • Tools and utensils
  • Fences
  • Stoves and firebacks
  • Ordnance
  • Piping

Professionals use several methods to prevent rusting and corrosion of cast iron due to environmental factors. Cast iron is super strong and durable if used in appropriate way and protected against adverse exposure.

How Experts Preserve Structures Made Of Cast Iron Bars?

It delivers strength in compression not in tension and this is why it is widely used for making columns, but not in structural beams.

The probability of rusting is dependent on two factors-

  • The degree of protection offered to prevent metal to contact moisture
  • The degree of moisture present in the environment

Cast iron needs regular maintenance. You have to check for water collection spots and dry as required. You must replace or repair if the damage is least, because if cast iron left unrepaired, it can result in structural failure. You must call the experts who are dealing in repairing and maintenance services for cast iron bars and other products for best outcome. To source best quality CI products, approach local manufacturing units.

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