What Are The Uses With Cast Iron Products?

Cast iron is among the oldest metals used by builders and outdoor ornament manufacturers. The metal is formed by mixing carbon and silicon to iron and it also has some traces of manganese, sulphur, and phosphorous. It is used for making cast iron bars, cast iron pans, cast iron auto parts, and more. CI products are hard, brittle and they cannot bend, stretch, or hammered. Their structure is crystalline and it can be fractured if excessive tensile loading is applied. However, cast iron matel is excellent in compression.

cast iron bars

Manufacturers are making cast iron by following traditional methods even today. They heat the iron ore in a blast furnace with limestone and coke. This process deoxidizes the ore and removes impurities and form molten iron. This molten iron is poured inside the molds of different shapes and allowed to cool and crystallize.

Once the casting is achieved, they coat it with waxes, paints, plating and galvanizing. The issue with cast iron is rusting and corrosion. Cat iron is prone to rusting and can degrade in lesser time if exposed to moisture.

There is a list of cast iron uses-

Cast iron is applied in distinct variety of structural and decorative applications, since it is inexpensive, easy to cast, and durable. Some uses are-

  • Plaques and historic markers
  • Hardware manufacturing – latches, hinges, etc.
  • Stairs
  • Decorative features
  • Structural connectors in buildings and monuments
  • Tools and utensils
  • Fences
  • Stoves and firebacks
  • Ordnance
  • Piping

Professionals use several methods to prevent rusting and corrosion of cast iron due to environmental factors. Cast iron is super strong and durable if used in appropriate way and protected against adverse exposure.

How Experts Preserve Structures Made Of Cast Iron Bars?

It delivers strength in compression not in tension and this is why it is widely used for making columns, but not in structural beams.

The probability of rusting is dependent on two factors-

  • The degree of protection offered to prevent metal to contact moisture
  • The degree of moisture present in the environment

Cast iron needs regular maintenance. You have to check for water collection spots and dry as required. You must replace or repair if the damage is least, because if cast iron left unrepaired, it can result in structural failure. You must call the experts who are dealing in repairing and maintenance services for cast iron bars and other products for best outcome. To source best quality CI products, approach local manufacturing units.

Is There Anything Like Cylinder Liner Cavitation Erosion?

Cavitation erosion is found in diesel engines. It occurs on the external wall of the wet cylinder liners. The degree and amount of decay or erosion and its type and distribution on the affected areas can differ from engine to engine and from cylinder to cylinder within the same engine.

How to prevent cavitation erosion?

The erosion can penetrate the cylinder wall and allow the flow of coolant to the oil and vise versa. The cavitation erosion in cylinder liners occurs due to excess in harmonic abrasion of the engine and in few cases, loose fitting liners can also cause fast formation and implosion of small vapor bubbles into the coolant that hits the wall of cylinder wall.

The vibration happens as the piston moves up and down in the cylinder especially on the thrust area in the liner. In other words, the sleeve wall comes in contact with coolant moves faster inwardly and outwardly and generates vapors. Small bubbles formed during this process implode or collapse and create shock waves against the wall.

Professionals are still working and searching affordable solution that would prevent cavitation erosion. However, there are a few coatings that can be applied on the liners to postpone cavitation erosion.

How to prevent cavitation erosion?

Manufacturers are taking following measures to reduce or prevent cavitation issue-

You can avoid the cavitation situation by reducing harmonic vibrations. For instance, you can ensure the compatibility of the injection. They should match the specifications shared by manufacturers. You must handle the engine speed accordingly. You should not underestimate the significance of correct clearances between cylinder and liner blocks. Poor fitting liner is a contributor to vibration that further causes cavitation erosion.

Always use specific additives for the coolant as per the guidance of your cylinder liners manufacturers. These additives will protect the liners and reduce the chances of cavitation.

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While intending a new race engine, or enhancing the existing engine, the heat management in poppet valves and the heat transfer from them is just a small task that influences reliability and performance. The main purpose of the valve is to transfer heat from the valve head to the cooling equipment through the valve guide.

Why Nitriding Process Is Best For Engine Cylinder Liners?

The automotive world is blessed with engine cylinder liners. These are integrated parts belong to engine block. These liners are exposed to extreme temperatures during engine operation within the internal combustion engine. When piston rotates in opposite direction, it contacts with the inner surface of the cylinder liner. This is why hardness and wear resistance of cylinder liners are top properties that can be enhanced by nitriding.

Engine cylinder liners
What is nitriding? Why and how it used for enhancing hardness and wear resistance properties of cylinder liner?

Nitriding is a process that includes addition of the ferrous metal with nitrogen to enhance wear resistance of the components. This thermochemical process is based on the solubility of nitrogen in iron. This process is among top techniques used by experts for hardening the surface of aircraft, textile machinery, bearings, and automotive components like valves, piston rods, etc.

Why they use nitriding technique?

Nitriding doesn’t need a phase change; steel remains in the same phase in entire process. But when we talk about traditional process, there is a phase change from ferrite to austentite and to martensite. But with nitriding process, things are different and there is no need of quenching. The process helps in boosting fatigue life, offering anti-galling properties and high surface hardness. It is performed at low temperatures and it is among const effective processes used for hardening the surfaces.

There are service centers using nitriding techniques to enhance wear resistance in engine cylinder liners. You can anytime approach them and ask them to do the same with your cylinder liners. Jai liners is a leading manufacturer offering best quality cylinder liners and sleeves and other critical components at affordable rates. You can send requests or make query for your requirement and get a quote from professionals soon.

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Automotive industry is among largest industries that possess a variety of components and spares for automobile and applications. In this article, we will discuss the rings offered by suppliers. There are three types of rings that exporters and manufacturers have in their store/ unit.

Auto Parts Exporters Loving Their Creative Side!

Professionals prepare stunning grills from recycled auto parts!

If it is your dream to get out your grill and start cooking all your favorite snacks coming summer, then you must read and share this post. Though you can still use your traditional looking charcoal grill, but you will be more interested in using innovative and stylish looking alternatives that we will share in this article. All these alternatives are prepared by experts using used auto parts. Auto Exporters in India are selling used auto parts to various clients at cheaper rates. You can get the range and prepare different things by yourself.

  • Holden Monero GTS grill

The owner of this grill had used his innovative mind and used his broken Holden Monero GTS to get the personalized grill. The grill features entire front car engine that stands above the metal frame mounted on the wall. The hood has been removed to make way for the grill.


  • DIY steel car rim barbeque grill

You need a restaurant table base made of metal, a wire cooking grate and steel car rim. To get this barbeque grill prepared, you need to prop the steel rim on its side over the table base and add charcoal to its cavity. Put the wire grate on it and your car rim barbeque grill is ready!


  • Vintage Jaguar BBQ grill

This is something unique- why you should leave the rest of the car when you can transform it into grill? You can use your car fully and we will share how. The entire car can be purposed for the BBQ grill. You can use the trunk area for cooking hot dogs and by removing the front seats; you can get some space for stove to cook tortillas and more things!


Auto mobile parts exporters are getting queries for used car spares and parts that can be a part of such innovative transformations. You can also contact them and make innovative things!

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Cylinder liners are used in internal combustion engine and several other applications. With this article, we will tell and make you learn about the process that enhances wear resistance in engine cylinder liners.

Brand New Auto Mobile Parts Or Used One From India- What Would Be Your Choice?

It might be a confusing point for most of the automobile owners that whether they should replace their faulty auto part with brand new component or just recycle the car part. Everyone knows the importance of keeping up the vehicles to enjoy longest journeys of life. But unfortunately, even regular trips to mechanic can’t protect your automobile parts from wear and tear. In India, many people have started replacing their faulty parts with used auto part to cut extra cost. Brand new automotive components can affect your budget, but you can’t ignore the need of repairing the vehicle. The idea of utilizing used car auto parts works well.

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The Wide Application of Cast Iron Bars in the Automobile Industry

cast iron barCast iron bars are produced by a large number of manufacturers all over the world because of its wide demand in the automobile industry. The rise in the demand contributes a lot to the fact that cast iron bars boost the engine performance to a great extent. Cast iron is actually an alloy of iron and is derived from pig iron or grey iron. Raid cooling is required while manufacturing these bars so that a homogenous structure can be ensured.

Again, its availability in various dimensions and shapes has helped cast iron bars to meet the specific needs of the market. A variety of sectors apart from the automobile industry also use cast iron bars. Some of the sectors are glass industry, oil and gas industry, etc. Pistons and gears of a vehicle normally have cast iron bars. Continue reading

Get your Auto Parts only from Trusted Auto Parts Exporters

auto parts exporters

Auto parts are necessary and a vital ingredient of your vehicle. Your vehicle demands regular serving in order to run smoothly and to get really genuine auto parts, you must choose only the trusted auto parts exporters to get a true value of your money. This is because only they have technical expertise and infrastructure to manufacture these parts while adhering to the international quality standards.

There are at present a large number of auto parts exporters in India who are doing a wonderful job in offering 100 percent client satisfaction by their wide array of manufactured products. Jai Auto Industries is one such trusted name in this domain. Based in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, this company has grown by leaps and bounds over the years due to its emphasis on maintaining quality and using premium raw material for the same. The use of cutting-edge technology has what made this one of the most reputed auto parts exporters of India.

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