Enhance The Condition of Your Valve Seat Inserts For Good Engine Performance

Engine performance relies on the condition of the valve. Worn stems or guides are burned or wrongly seated valves let gas to escape under compression and this result in poor starting and power loss. Valve seat inserts suppliers explain how you can enhance the condition of your valve.

Valve springs can also affect the performance of the engine. With time, they get weaker and cause the valves to bounce on their seats.


How to remove the valve?

Support the cylinder-head assembly firmly on an ideal work surface. Make sure that there is enough space to store parts as they are removed, and cardboard boxes and clean newspaper should be there to keep them clean and safe.

Fasten the nuts and bolts that are securing the inlet manifold to the cylinder head side, remove it along with carburetor, if possible.

Make sure you put the carburetor assembly in a clean, safe place on a newspaper sheet. You must remove the exhaust manifold in the same way from the head side and place it with the inlet manifold.

 Selection Of Valve Seat Finishing Materials

Undo the bolts or nuts and secure the thermostat housing to the cylinder head. Easily remove the cover and lift out the thermostat. If you think there is a need of unscrewing and removing the temperature gauge transmitter from the cylinder head side, do it. Turn the cylinder head and support it on blocks to expel the valves. Put a valve spring compressor on the valve nearest the head front.

Compressing the valve spring is next step. Continue doing it until the two split. By this tapered collets round the top of the valve stem can be easily removed. Make sure you should not drop them as they are easily lost.

Then release the compressor until it is free, and remove the valve spring assembly and eject the valve from the head.

How to remove the carbon?

Remove the carbon deposits from the combustion chambers and valve ports of the cylinder head with the help of a suitable scraper. You can use blunt screwdriver and a wire brush. Clean the head face to remove any unclean or remaining carbon with the smooth side of a hackshaw blade or a paint scraper.

For more details, contact experts who have experience in servicing of cylinder head and valve seat inserts. You can ask related questions through comments and share your reviews with other readers.

How To Service Valve Seat Inserts?

Valve seat inserts are necessary to replace only when they have been burnt completely and need to recondition. Here, it should be serviced or replace with completely new product.

Inserts are fitted with cylinder head and they are difficult to remove. They are removed by being cut out or shrunk down for quick release. You also need to take some precautions when removing inserts like cylinder should not be overheated or it should not be distorted. The best idea is to take help from experts for Valve seat inserts assured result and precise removal of components.


You can use one cutter as well that is mounted on cylinder head and operated with the help of one handle. This is easy to adjust tool or positioning rightly over the port of valve. They are available in both categories either hand operated or machine operated.

They can be used to reconditioning workshops or other commercial areas. The only condition is that tool should be operated carefully and light amount of load should be applied over it. When inserts are removed out completely, cutter can be removed with ease.

Inserts for the product should be selected based on material size and vale port. The size of insert can be selected based on data chart or different dimensions like outer diameter, inner diameter, or depth etc. Now you are decided on right type of valve seat inserts, next step is fitting inserts. There is no requirement of adding any lubricant to smoothen functioning of the product.

Once inserts are installed or fixed properly. Next step is to cut inserts in right shape at right angle. Heating should be done in low amount so that inserts could be fitted down properly. When heating or chilling valve seat inserts, punching should be done slowly. This is way how to service or replace inserts in best way. In case of any confusion, this is always better to take help from expert manufacturers and suppliers in India.

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